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Your IT infrastructure and applications – whether fairly simple or maybe highly sophisticated – must be enabled to connect and communicate with the outside world. Reliability, scalability and speed in the network attached are of paramount importance to unlock your technological and business potential. A global network infrastructure able to adapt flexibly to shifting requirements will contribute to your ultimate business success.

3W Infra’s ‘high-volume’ network (over 610Gbps network capacity) with true global reach is designed for agility and cracking speed, with redundant network paths available resulting in low-latency customer experiences. We take robustness to the next level by offering a multi-carrier network. A blend of Internet exchanges and Tier 1 backbone providers, with an extensive network of PoPs across the globe provides you with network SLA guarantees and a 100% uptime track record.

Sudden Spikes in Traffic? No Problemo.

Although as a customer you’re able to choose whichever hardware brand you like, a single-vendor policy accounts for 3W Infra’s network infrastructure. Our single-vendor policy significantly adds to the enterprise-grade robustness of our network. This includes the use mix of Juniper MX Series flagship core-routers for reliable network management and high availability.

As 3W Infra’s network bandwidth capacity of 610Gbps intentionally equals twice the average bandwidth usage, we are able to serve some of the largest streaming providers in the world in a very cost-effective manner. Without notice, these customers are able to handle peak network traffic for their streaming events at all times. No wonder that enterprises and high-bandwidth consumers alike are fond of our ‘high-volume’ network offerings.

Network Key Features:

  • Ample bandwidth available – 3W Infra maintains double the amount of network capacity, which currently exceeds 610Gbps.
  • Fully redundant – Downtime is not an option, with multiple Juniper MX series flagship routers connected to multiple core switches.
  • Extremely reliable – Juniper-only network equipment and a blend of Internet exchanges and Tier 1 bandwidth providers ensure optimal integration and reliability.
  • High availability promise – 100% uptime track record since 3W Infra’s inception.
  • Blazing fast performance – Intelligent routing with customization features ensure a low-latency, high-performance experience.
  • Proactive monitoring – Genie Networks traffic analysis.
  • Future proof – Native IPv6 network design.
  • 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G Ports – Possibility to use multiple or higher capacity of ports for peak handling and easy upgrade.

Solid as a Rock

Someone has to protect your IT infrastructure from the service providers out there who misguidedly think they are experts in data center design and operations. Just because they’re able to fill a data center room with servers, network equipment and cables, don’t make ’m true data center experts. Trust us, we know what we’re doing.

Why Amsterdam? Location, location, location, that’s what first crossed our minds when thinking about selecting AMS DC-01 as our flagship data center premises. Then the premium quality and innovative engineering caught our eye. Located in the Amsterdam South East business district – at the heart of one of the most interconnected and busiest Internet junctions in the world, this data center is ISO 27001 certified while featuring Tier 4 specifications.

Greener than green

Every aspect of 3W Infra’s flagship data center in Amsterdam is as solid as a rock – from location and connectivity to power density and cooling. The whole infrastructure is fully designed by engineering veterans with a longstanding history in providing infallible data center security, performance, resilience and efficiency.

Anything else? Let’s see. Our data center infrastructure is greener than green. The AMS DC-01 data center utilized by 3W Infra is capable of achieving an amazingly low Power Usage Effectiveness (pPUE) figure of 1,04. But wait…there’s even more. This data center is powered with 100% green electricity thus providing you with climate neutral credentials.

Key features of 3W Infra’s data center in Amsterdam include:

  • 2N UPS
  • 2N Standby diesel generators
  • Tier 4 redundancy classification
  • Cold corridor system
  • FAAST fire protection
  • 24/7 On-site security

AMS DC-01 (Equinix AM11 International Business Exchange)

Lemelerbergweg 28, 1101 AH, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

AMS DC-02 (MainCubes AMS01)

Capronilaan 2, 1119 NR, Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands

ISO 27001 Certified

PCI DSS Compliant

24/7 On-Site Support

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