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Allow us to introduce…ourselves, we’re a pure-play Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company focused on delivering highly customized IaaS hosting solutions to customers worldwide. Actually, our name is 3W Infra but customization is our middle name. With us, you’re fully in charge of your IaaS hosting experience and able to choose whichever hardware brand you like.

As a cloud provider, systems integrator, hosting provider, broadcasting company, managed services provider or enterprise, you get from us the assurance that all your IaaS hosting requirements are being met. Our enterprise-grade solutions are engineered for scalability and cost-efficiency, with cloud-enabling services including web hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, IP connectivity, and high-level customer support with remote hands…and eyes,…and brains.


4,000 Servers, 250 Gbps

Our intention is not to make a quick buck, but to be totally transparent and serve your individual business requirements and IaaS hosting needs in the best possible way. In line with this approach we don’t keep large stock of hardware in a warehouse. We want you to get the latest technologies at all times. Our margin and your cost efficiency guarantee are embedded in close vendor partnerships instead.

Founded in 2014 by some Internet and hosting industry veterans, 3W Infra is an entrepreneurial and tech-oriented organization headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a fast-growing company aiming for sustainable growth, we have already more than 4,000 physical servers under management while our global network now exceeds 250 Gigabit of available bandwidth.

Obviously we’re hitting the spot with our highly customized, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified, IaaS hosting solutions, as our customer base already includes some of the largest Internet, broadcasting and cloud services companies in Europe and beyond.

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3W Infra is aiming at transparency towards journalists and its customers. Sharing our company stories, opinions and latest news with the media, is an integral part of this ‘open’ approach.

02 July 2019 – IaaS Hosting Provider 3W Infra Launches AMD EPYC-Powered Server Solutions.

22 May 2019 – IaaS Company 3W Infra Adds Sparkle to its Blend of Global Bandwidth Providers.

18 April 2019 – 3W Infra Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary as Global IaaS Hosting Provider.

30 January 2019 – 3W Infra Introduces ‘Bring-Your-Own-Drives’ Dedicated Servers.

04 December 2018 – IaaS Hosting Provider 3W Infra Successfully Renews Certificate for Compliance with PCI DSS.

13 April 2018 – Global IaaS Provider 3W Infra Adds Asteroid IXP to Its Networking Ecosystem in Amsterdam.

26 March 2018 – Unveils Mid-End and High-End, Dell-Powered Dedicated Server Plans.

20 December 2017 – IaaS Hosting Provider 3W Infra Unveils Global Startup Accelerator Program.

13 December 2017 – IaaS Hosting Company 3W Infra Achieves Certification for Compliance with ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS Standards.

28 August 2017 – 3W Infra Unveils New Entry-Level, Dell-Powered Dedicated Server Packages for SMBs and Managed Cloud Hosting Companies.

08 June 2017 – 3W Infra Launches Modular Full Rack Colocation Solution with High-Availability and Scalability Features.

11 May 2017 – IaaS Hosting Company 3W Infra Launches Financing Program for Dedicated Servers and Network Infrastructure.

24 April 2017 – IaaS Hosting Provider 3W Infra Launches IT Infrastructure Relocation Service in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London.

12 April 2017 – 3W Infra Migrates Its IaaS Infrastructure to New Data Center in Amsterdam to Support Customer Growth.

15 February 2017 – 3W Infra Exceeds 4,000 Dedicated Servers Under Management, Adds 1,000 Servers in Just 6 Months.

20 December 2016 – 3W Infra Launches its Data Center Neutral Remote Hands Services on the World’s Main Internet Hubs.

13 October 2016 – 3W Infra Launches Dell-Powered Dedicated Server Package for High Performance Cloud Infrastructure.

30 August 2016 – 3W Infra Signs Content Marketing Agreement with KINXX PR to Build its Brand Globally.

25 August 2016 – 3W Infra Deploys Genie Network’s GenieATM Solution to Optimize its Global Network Traffic.

If you’re a journalist, please drop us an email at pr@3winfra.com with your request.

Security & Compliance

We understand your concerns when it comes to security and compliance, and your business and regulatory needs of having your hosting company ensure enterprise-grade controls to protect customer information and payment data.

This is why 3W Infra has attained its ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification for Information Security Management together with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance – validated by an independent third-party IT audit company.

To ensure that our customers’ information is secure, the third-party IT audit company has validated things like our business continuity, the documentation of organizational processes, separation of duties, managing (strategic) suppliers, IT system management, human resources policies and procedures, physical security measures in the offices and data center environment, handling and embedding of organizational knowledge, security incident reporting, and more.

Got What It Takes?

As a fast-growing IaaS hosting company with entrepreneurial characteristics and far-reaching global ambitions, 3WInfra is always on the lookout for new talent. Although we currently do not have definite job openings defined, we would love to hear when you consider yourself a creative, self-motivated, committed and highly interesting individual who is not afraid to fail.

In case you’re fond of taking smart risks, able to roll with the punches and accept challenges, you might fit in with 3W Infra’s culture of innovation. We will totally embrace you if you got what it takes. Do you truly believe, just as our founders, that 3W Infra is able to make a REAL difference as a pure-play IaaS solutions provider in the worldwide hosting industry? Then please let us know.


At 3W Infra, you get the chance to work with top notch technology including servers and networking equipment from virtually every world-class vendor available in the market – as our customers are completely free to choose whichever brand they like.

The location of our headquarters in the Amsterdam metropolitan area will probably meet your expectations as well, as Amsterdam is vibrant and alive. Not only in terms of its exciting social events and nightlife, but even more so when it comes to the ranking of Amsterdam as one of the largest and most prominent Internet hubs in the world.

If you need more information on any job posting,or when you’re skilled and confident enough to suggest a job opening yourself, please drop us an email at hr@3winfra.com.

Murat Bayhan (CEO & Founder)

He is a gifted strategist, Murat Bayhan. No one can argue that. As 3W Infra’s CEO and founder, Mr. Bayhan succeeded to grow his ‘pure play’ IaaS hosting company from its start-up phase in 2014 to the well-established company it is now already, with some of the largest European cloud services companies in its customer base and more than 4,000 dedicated servers under management while still growing at fast pace. Well, yes, you may say he has hosting and entrepreneurship in his blood.

Murat Bayhan’s hard working attitude, profound IT engineering knowledge and dedication to providing tailored customer services have certainly contributed to 3W Infra’s company achievements. His ability to build strong partnerships with key suppliers is also adding to the company’s successes, with companies such as Dell, Juniper, Zayo and Telia Carrier contributing to the cost-efficient delivery of high quality IaaS hosting solutions. In his spare time he’s a true family man, taking his time with wife and kids. Back in the office…well, actually 24/7, he’s always listening well to customer requirements and devoted to delight a customer and provide the unexpected.

It’s Showtime, Folks!

Sure, we’re based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean the U.S. or Asia are far off places. Our representatives do visit many events around the world. Actually, they love waking up in a hotel in the morning, not knowing what’s gonna happen or who they’re gonna meet, where they’re gonna wind up.

In case you bump into one of our representatives at an event around the globe, remember that they’re there not only to do the talking, but to listen carefully and serve all your customized IaaS hosting needs. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please drop us an email at pr@3winfra.com.

Thank you for your interest in 3W Infra. If you have questions about our company, or services, or need to report violations of our Acceptable Use Policy or would like to view our legal policies and information, please use the contact information at the right or the form below. Someone from the 3W Infra team will be in touch soon.

With a trained staff available on-site and a company-wide commitment to excel in service and a relentless dedication to customer care, you can be assured that your needs will be met promptly when contacting our Support.

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Telephone:+31 208943344
Business hours: 09:00 – 18:00 CE(S)T Monday/Friday
Public holidays: Dutch public holidays

Chamber of Commerce: 60398140
VAT-number: NL853893007B01

IBAN: NL12ABNA0554195585
PayPal: finance@nl.3winfra.com

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